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Terrain Bonus

Can certain terrain features like Hills be marked as dominant terrain feature. In any of your unit occupies that feature it could give that unit a spotting bonus or +1 or in rarer cases +2 showing that it has a commanding field of view.

Additionally any indirect fire into that units field of view now benefits from an artillery bonus (depending on weapon type better rate of fire, better suppression or even in rare cases attack bonus).

This would make for a newer gameplay element where seizing a terrain feature could be a key focus of the battle.

Naturally dominant terrain features must be used sparingly so as not to a turn based version of Close Combat Series. But it could be imaginatively used in both urban and non-urban terrain. For instance a map of Stalingrad could feature Mamayev Kurgan and organically lead to fighting for it rather than placing a victory hex in it.

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  1. gert May 11, 2018 at 2:51 am - Reply

    I like the idea of the terrain bonus as well especeially as it pertains to increased line of sight or spotting. I also think it’s a good idea that artillery would have the ability to use that extended line of sight for indirect fire. Finally, it does create situations where you would want to capture a hill or elevated piece of terrain because of a natural benefit as opposed to it just being a mission because the scenario said you needed to capture it.

    With that said, is there any other type of terrain or infrastructure this would apply to? Only thing I can think of is hills as you said or other elevated terrain. For example, panzer corps already has infrastructure like bridges, and capturing a bridge grants you benefits as you can cross a river much faster in the game. They also have things like trench lines, and defending from those already gives you a defensive bonus as well or airfields, which when captured allow you to move your air force forward…. I’m just trying to think of what else this would apply too, hills are a good idea and if that’s the only one it’s still would be good to see it in the game but i can’t think of any others. As i said there is some manmade infrastructure which already gives bonuses, but other than hills i can’t think of any others.


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