As is Historical the old Panzer General 2 PC Game had the Tanks as WW11 progressed given Heavier Guns Calibre and also increased the Range of the Weapons beyond just the one Hex Range. By the time one got into the America Scenario the Tanks had longer Range firing at each other . Always seemed an shame when Tigers and heavy allied Tanks met and had to be in adjacent Hexes to engage. Thus Panzer Corp is brilliant yet the Older Panzer General 2 had an more advanced feature when Heavier Tanks later engaged.
Obviously by the time (1943) of the Heavier German Tigers and Panther Tanks in Russia their longer Range 88mm made an real difference regarding the Soviet superiority in Tank Numbers against them. Thus the courageous Russian Tanks Charged in close at Kursk/Prokorovka .which made the difference for the Russians. Thus Panzer General 2 incorporated an very advanced feature which even the brilliant Panzer Corp 1 Game did not possess.
Another idea from Panzer General 2 was upon completing what appeared to be the final America Scenario…one suddenly had another Scenario pop up out of the blue…everything suddenly depended on an rapid Capture of the A Bomb Establishment ….just so many moves…failure was sudden death…of all ones Conquests in the game considered lost….very exciting….is it possible to have some sort of random generated Scenarios Generated in Panzer Corp 2…which may or may not appear-according to the Victory gained…such as Stalin in Rush for Moascow-escaped-but may be an rapid rush can capture him and his General Staff before they can escape European Russia….also like Pz2 Old Game especially when one appears to have won the later American Invasion Campaign…to suddenly have to move fast and take that Atomic Bomb Establishment which is well defended etc….in time to Win!
The Awarding/Testing of New Equipment-some useful Unit-especially as a Heavy Tiger Unit later with their extra longer range Guns/Heavier Armour…would be an useful addition well earned which would be pleasing!
Remember in one Panzer Corp Game Scenario how as the Russians one could/did capture an German Tiger which was being tried out in an Leningrad Scenario (?)…very useful and quite exciting. Also the idea to be able to give different Camaflouge to certain Units-thus easier to identify as the prongs of an encirclement manoeuvre- or relieving Force-etc-so one can not get the two Forces mixed up when the meet and continue on together-one may have some specialist Units in one Group for instance for specific Objective(s) etc etc….Panzer Corp is an exciting game with lots of moments when one receives al sorts of Equipment including Captured Equipment and useful Reinforcements especially the SE Units…may we wish you an fine day ahead….if nothing else the Ranging of the Heavy Tank Guns would be a real boon to the Game as the War progressed….