Hi everyone,
My name is Ian, and I think this may be my first or possibly second post on here (or anywhere for that matter!), and I apologise if my thoughts have been covered already in the forum.
I bought my first copy of PG in 1995, and waited with baited breath for Allied General’s release after then, looking for reviews in newspapers of all things. Whatever happened to SSI? I ravenously bought PG2, PG3D, Peoples General, Pacific General and even Fantasy General.
And then the drought… Until Panzer Corp’s arrived. So many hours happily spent conquering the world! From various sides… Happiness was me, and you! So after a few years I am excited again with the impending release of Panzer Corp 2, and I am glad to see the developers have looked at other models and taken on the positives, and added to these. I cant wait to get myself back in the genre.

So the site asked for ideas and I have no idea how practical they are.

Towns & cities give supply to a certain amount of hexes, the larger the town/city the further the supply. Certain towns/cities/strategic points give certain supplies ie raw materials. This gives certain supply venues greater importance, ie defend a mine or defend a town.
Units outside a supply radius have to rely on a supply unit (bought as a core or auxiliary unit) to provide supply.
Units outside supply have to rely on internal supply, thus giving importance self reliance and protecting the supply unit. They could strike out to another town or retreat back to a supply unit/base.

Units have a realistic quota verses production capability:
We might be able to buy only one Tiger for a scenario, and one Panther. But ten PIV’s. And replacements are harder to get. I can replace 1 Tiger and 4 Panthers per turn for example.
Being able to replace a chosen amount of vehicles during the turn. Often I have damaged units in reserve that I only want to replace 1-3 of while I reinforce 5-7 frontline units and the old system didn’t allow this. I had to spend all the prestige on one replenishment.

Support Fire:
Aircraft (and tanks) crossing over the firing arc of one of these units gets fired upon.

Hidden units:
Hidden units don’t get revealed by tanks or aircraft when fired upon from concealed locations until flushed out by scouting units, infantry or by taking a few shots. Handy if you have concealed assets in a wooded area etc, this would enable them to remain hidden for a few shots.

Entrenched Units:
Are entrenched units able to not have their entrenchment levels lowered when attacking from a position of defence? Or a slower level of disentrenchment?

Thanks 🙂