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Make our own strategic decisions

I’d love to be able to make our own strategic decisions on a bigger map.

For instance to have a say when and where to attack USSR if I wanna attack it at all, to be able to move my troops across Africa or to occupy further southern countries (and seize British and French colonies down there), or even to be able to attack neutral sides such as Turkey and therefore reaching the middle east through it (kinda hypothetical however quite an exciting scenario it is, isn’t it?), to be able to transfer my troops from west to east and vice versa, to fight in Spain before 1939 and to make a decision whether I wanna keep my troops in there (for the future plan of attacking France) and etc.

This makes the whole game hell of a lot more dynamic and super-exciting from a strategic point of view. Perhaps being able to play it in two different modes (one classic as it is and the other one dynamic as addressed above) is a better option.

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  1. michael requadt February 3, 2018 at 1:58 am - Reply

    I wouldn’t mind paying the extra for the alternative DLC

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