hello everybody,

I would like to propose a game mode that will require no work to the developers but that will make fury with the players. It is to propose a world map composed of dozens of small areas (like a hex) to unlock .
For example, the zone or the city of dunkirk is to be unlocked by clicking on it: what is happening by clicking on it? we would access a historical scenario of the battle of Dunkerque that must be won to unlock the area of ​​the world map.
You’re going to tell me: “but it’s a big job for a designer!” And that’s where I say “no, not at all!” Because at the beginning of the game, all these small areas would be blocked but it’s the players who will propose the scenarios of these areas! no work for developers! Obviously if the scenario “dunkirk” is proposed several times by several players, only one will be selected, the one with the most positive votes from the players. Thus, over the months, the world map would be filled with scenarios proposed by the community.
To validate this or that scenario, one could imagine a red color for the new scenarios little played and the zone would then become green after having been noted positively by many players.
The only work that this game mode would require would be the creation of “the world map of the community.”

I know that my idea has no chance to pass but i take my chance … thank you for reading.