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Keep the big hexes, units and text PLEASE!

At full zoom the Pz Corps large hex/units/text is great, so I hope the same size is going to be in PC2.
I’ve got a bunch of other games on my hard drive that are unplayable because everything looks so small and I got a headache trying to play them..:)

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  1. pooroldspike December 25, 2017 at 12:22 pm - Reply

    1- In PC1, friendly and enemy units uniforms look a bit dull and it’s not always easy to see who’s who at first glance, especially in dense melee situations, so I’d like to see them jazzed up a bit to make their greys, greens amnd browns a bit brighter for PC2
    2- In PC1 melees it’s difficult to see who’s shooting at who, so I’d like to see some kind of indicator line or gun flashes between the shooters.
    3- I’d be happy to join the PC2 development team if you like, I’m retired and can put in at least 10 hours a day playtesting etc.
    Google PoorOldSpike to see my tutorials and articles and stuff all over the internet for various games over the years, and I’m also a Matrix Press Reviewer and Mission4Today forum moderator..:)

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