Have played all of the Panzer Corps games for years and all the DLC and additions to make it Gold. What was nice in regular Panzer Corps was the ability to actually change history by being able to invade and defeat England, Russia and the U.S.

I was hoping for the same possibility for the Grand Campaigns, which are more in depth scenarios for the regular Panzer Corps campaigns. But even getting Decisive Victories in every campaign scenario my actions never affected the overall outcome of the war. Is Panzer Corps 2 going to follow same linear historical path of the Grand Campaings or will we be able to change history and engage in battles and scenarios that never happened in WWII? Will our actions and type of victory, Decisive or Marginal have any effect on the next battle, scenario or campaign?

I have watched most of video with Alex and really like where Panzer Corps is going. What is the best way to be able to do some beta testing for this game.