Would it be possible for you to finish up the Campaign. I would like to play through 43-45 under the new DLC idea with the same characters. I like how that was developed and how we can do historic or alternative time line. I always preferred the later game’s unit selection anyway.

Like others have mentioned perhaps we could have a Russian, American (42-45), or British Campaign. There is so much missed opportunity with this.

It isn’t like it would be hard at this point. It would just require story telling, dialogue (written, spoken) and scenario creation.

You don’t have to build the engine, nor create the math behind units, combat, etc.

Make the war come alive with story and characters throughout the campaign. They can be real or fictitious, as I don’t think others than a few would care.

Lastly, please make the campaigns more than 10 scenarios. 20 would be good with 30 as alternative pathways. I am so tired of just getting into what is happening and then it is over. It is like have a full meal but can only eat 40% of it regardless of how hungry you are.

Thanks for all your hard work and I have enjoyed the game, base campaign, and especially the story arc of the new DLC spanish war to 1942. You have done a great job but could really expand on this. If not then maybe there is a dedicated Mod maker out there that can and will.