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Equipment limits

One way how to handle equipment upgrading could be via technology research vs war inventory – technology research would enable certain weapons, but their availability would be limited to player. This limits could be defined for all weapons simply by restricting the number of units via unit numbers – for example – player will unlock a new tank and will get initial 25 points of that “weapon type”. Therefore player will be able to either buy 2 new units (10+10 and 5 as reserve, or one standard 10+ one over-strengthened 15) or use those 25 points to upgrade existing units using same rule.
War inventory would work as quantity value for every available weapon, which would restrict player from let say upgrading all his tanks to king tigers the moment he has it available.. at the same time, player would have to check the numbers while replenishing units, as player would be unable to replenish any unit that is out of availability points (and therefore sometimes downgrade unit to more numerous but less effective weapons).
Availability points then could be made purchasable via prestige, or would automatically increase based on historical data, so weapons that are in mass production would have higher availability than prototypes.

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