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Real Elevations like John Tillers Campaign series – what we nned is an extra tool in the map editor to set this – not in bad looking level like JTCS – more in real looking hills etc.

Maps with 1km = 1Hex like H.Balcks Order of Battle mods and a bit of his 3d units – OoB and PC 3d stuff looks like Paper models. We need also real camo sets for all historical periods – look to H.Balcks mod to see an optimal set. Historical weopon range !

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  1. M.W. January 16, 2018 at 6:40 pm - Reply

    Historical maps like the HPS series 1km = 1 Hex – same here – lloks like H.Balcks OoB to see historical scenarios. Also – no map size limits would be also nice – some like to play the full HPS maps.

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