At the start of the campaign, the player get one commander, who gives different bonuses in the whole campaign. The commander appear on battlefield in command vechile, get experience, can leveling (from 1 to 15). At 2-3 level the commander can choose a specialization. Some example on german side: Panzer general, Infantry ( or Sturm) general, Engineer (or Mechanic) general, Aux general. Each general add new game mechanic, unique units.

Panzer general: anti tank guns and tankdestroyers give fire support to the tanks. If an enemy tank attack the friendly, the AT gun fire first, after that start the tank vs. tank fight. Historicaly german commander offen use AT-s with tanks. Panzers lure enemy armors to front of AT guns and attack back after the AT-s decimate the enemy.

Infantry (or Sturm) general: Infantry units can merge with another ground unit, creating a Kampgruppe. Kampgruppes number are limited. The general can request stronger assault infantry, heavy assault guns, heavy mortar artillery, railway artillery, flamthrower units.

Engineer (or Mechanic) general: Infantry and armored units can capture enemy tanks, guns, trucks. The player can use these as core units, or sell, or build new ones. Example: PzII + 76mm soviet at gun = Marder. The types and number of crafted vechiles are determinate.

Aux general: The general can request italian, hungarian, romanian core units with own prestige and deploy managment, dont taking away the prestige and place from german units, but add an extra and free strenght to main army.

Extra euipement, special reinforcement

Every unit has 2 equipement/reinfocement slot. The first slot unlock when the unit get the 2nd star, the second slot unlock at 4th star. High command randomly send extra equiepement and special reinforcement and can place into these slots. Example: german infantry units:
MP40 or Stg44 (increasing soft defense by 1 or 2)
MG34 or MG42 (increasing soft attack by 1 or 2)
Panzerbusche, Panzerfaust, Panzerschrek (increasing hard attack by 1,2,3)
Granatwerfers, Infantry guns (add new ability: artillery support, infantry works like an artillery, but can’t do such damage, like normal arty)
Bridging company (add new ability: bridge building)
Combat enginer company (the unit will be more effective against bunkers, entrenchemented enemy)

More historical game mode

At the begining the player can choose between classic and more historical (than classic)game mode.
1. Limited amount of units. Historicaly germans couldn’t euiped all their divisons with the same weapons. In 1940 France campaign the 6th and 7th panzer division havent PzIII-s, they used Pz35 and Pz38 instead. In this game mode there are usual and unusual units. The unusual units are randomly given. Example: In 1939 Poland campaign the usual tanks are PzI and PzII, unusual are PzIIIE, Pz35, Pz38, PzIVD. At the beginning of campaign the player get 3 PzI, 3 PzII and 3 Pz38. If he start again, he gets 4 PzI, 2 PzII, 2 PzIV. After capturing Poland high command allow to request 1 or 2 units, what were missing to the general. If the general is a PzIII lover, but he dont find them in roster before the France campaign start, he can request 1-2 piece of PzIIIE or F.
2. Low amount of deployment. At start of the scenario only 4-5 unit can be deployed, other untis came some turn later. Railways, roads, motorization became more important parts of strategy.
3. Intelligence. At start of the scenario the player get a small briefing about approximatly strenght of enemy forces, their positions.
4. more effective terrain and entrenchment bonuses
terrain: cities, forests can give more defensive bonuses to infantry, AT , AD, Arty and tanks cant hurt them in thick forest, on high mountain.
entrenchement: the number of entrenchement level can be increas to 30-40. The entrenched unit dont get damage above 9. Heavy artillery, level bombers and some special units can decrease the encrenchement level. Encirclement get more sense at this way.

General ideas:

1. Units do and get less damage + more turn need for replenish. In Panzer Corps was boring, when my top tanks one shooted almost all enemy unit and was anoying, when enemy do the same with mine forces. On higher difficulty I made saves beafore each turn and reload many times. Low damage allow the player to withdraw forces and replenish behind the front.
2. Balanced unit types. In PC my ground force contains lots of artillery, tank and only 1-2 infantry. I didnt need the other unit types. In first plays I bought some recon, AT, AD gun, but later I saw that fighters, tanks can do the same job.
a. recons: can give advantages to friendly units or disadvantages to enemy in spotting range (example: infantry can’t run into ambush, automaticly get off from transport after the movement, own artillery get +1 soft attack on enemy)
b. AT and AD guns: can be more resistance against other units, At-s can be more usefull with artillery mode, AD-s with ground attack ability or defensive fire support.