The game looks good – but what exactly sets this game apart from the 20 other clones doing the exact same thing?
I loved Panzer General back in the days and often tried to find something similar with modern graphics and didn’t really succeed.
Mostly because even with a good gameplay and well made missions the game can still get boring unless it has something extra!

1 thing I belive could really work for the game is small combat cinematics. It doesn’t have to be every combat action and it doesn’t have to be a cinematic with the exact 2 oponents represented. But like in bowling where you get cinematics for certain actions I would suggest playing cinematics for every time you kill an enemy unit or lose an enemy unit.

You have space down in the bottom of the screen between the radar and the unit thin in the center… Would be nice seing a few tanks roll up and fire the cannons when your tank unit kills an enemy or a few fighters shooting down enemy planes when your fighters shoot down enemy planes?

This is likely too late for the actual game but even for a DLC I think you should take an oportunity for making this game better than all the other clones available. It doesn’t look like the 3D models in the game are spectacular enough to really make the game feel convincing as a must have title which is very sad…