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Blitz krieg

In old panzer general 2, a panzer got a new attack if it overrunned a unit in an attack.
This gave breaks thru because panzers can come past singel infantery division

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  1. gert May 11, 2018 at 3:07 am - Reply

    I think the overall idea is good, I like the fact that a panzer unit could do this.. I think it should apply to mechanized infantry units as well, perhaps if they have enough combat experience or someway have the level of training to achieve a breakthrough.
    Also I think you are able to do this in other games like Unity of Command and Strategic Command. Overall all the idea is good, but sometimes it is frustrating because a tank which should easily make a breakthrough on an infantry unit which is pretty weak in those games doesn’t achieve the ability to attack a second time because you got a bad dice roll or something… So while I think tanks should be able to attack twice i also think maybe it shouldn’t be as random as it sometimes seems in those other games.

    Overall, i think the breakthrough and 2x attack thing is important. Even in order of battle I really find it hard to make a meaningful breakthrough that cuts off the enemy from it’s supply line. It happens in a couple missions but it doesn’t seem to that often. In most of the games it’s much easier to defeat the enemy by attacking him directly than by using a little brainpower to cut them off from a supply line. In strategic command I did this a couple times as well but 99% of the time I destroyed an enemy unit by attacking them with several other units instead of taking time to surround him and cut his line of supply. If a game company could think of a way to do that it really adds a different level of strategy especially form the line of supply side. If there’s a way they could figure that out for pzr corps II that would be great.

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