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I’ve spent literally months, throughout several years, playing Panzer Corps. Aside from the brilliantly simple mechanics and mostly well-designed and satisfyingly long Grand campaigns, the most pleasure I had was from the deep immersion into the world of WWII: the crucial battles, tide-turning tactical decisions, fateful counter-attacks, history-changing pincer movements, etc., where my trusty, slightly RPG, fully individually named and cherished members of the army group under my command each played a crucial historical role.

However, this immersion mostly depended on the strength of my individual imagination, and was more often than not hindered by the lazy and shallow artwork and background. While the mechanics and campaigns of Panzer Corps are legendary in the realm of war and strategy games, I strongly believe that a dedication to the documentary background of the game would lift Panzer Corps 2 from a strategy “game”, to an ode to historical emotions, lives and dreams of WWII.

For me, this is a fairly simple addition that would greatly improve the emotional experience and overall impact of the game. I very much hope for the addition of the following:

– historical, real-world news articles related to the campaign, available for reading both before and after each scenario, as well as at key moments during the scenarios;
– historical, detailed texts accompanying any breakthrough in research or technology and all new unit developments, along with documentary photographs and geopolitical and technical backgrounds;
– specific, detailed and extensive historical descriptions of each scenario, along with wider strategic and geopolitical backgrounds and impact of a particular point of the campaign, with real-world maps;
– historical, real-world “profile images” of points of interest (towns, bridges, mountains) on the scenario map;
– documentary “unit book”, with historical images of each type of unit, and a historical description of its military role, capability, usage etc.;
– hiring a genuine and serious writer for potential alternative-history campaign deviation.

I am sure that, through dedication to this side, Panzer Corps 2 would reach, in addition to its niche target audience, a new, wider audience, interested in games sure, but much more interested in games that are not satisfied just by excellent game-play, but games that utilize great game-play as a means to engage with history, documentary, emotions, imagination and other wonderful things 🙂

Thank you 🙂

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  1. fredo January 5, 2018 at 9:59 am - Reply

    exactly what i think too of panzer corps or any other ww2 games .

    the developpers underestimate the importance of immersion in a game and also the educational part.

    For example, soviet corps campaign propose always the same maps without explanation : even with google, i didn’t find any accurate informations on scenarios to get full involved in the campaign . In soviet corps, there isn’t even a map to localizate the battle!

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