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  1. michael requadt February 3, 2018 at 1:41 am - Reply

    In the old Panzer General game higher velocity guns such as 88’s could fire over a counter. It reallly added an interesting game dynamic. I wonder if they will be incorporating this feature into the new release.
    It just made it a funner game, after all that’s what it is, a game. I just would like to see that feature, besides the hexes are around 1.5 km across, so ctr – ctr is feasible. When I was playing a scenario in OoB where New Zealand was attacked I went right down my street so could gauge the length of a hex. Actually the developers got the map pretty right
    Order of Battle (OoB) does it but only on defence, yeah it makes a way better game, and for a few changes in coding parameters I think it worth it. They could sell a DLC upgrade for this?

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