Panzer Corps 2 has been officially announced by our publisher Slitherine. Woohoo!

Our first experiments with Unreal Engine 4 technology started more than a year ago, and by now the project is at a fairly advanced stage. I cannot disclose a lot of information just yet, but many updates will be coming soon. Official product page is already up and running. You can follow development process here in the DevBlog, or on the official game forum.

What to expect from the new game?

First of all, an improved modern-looking 3D graphics powered by a state-of-the-art game engine. Like Panzer General 20 years ago, we want the game to be a gateway into the wonderful world of wargaming for more casual audiences. If you compare Panzer Corps gameplay to games like Civilization, Heroes of Might and Magic Heroes and XCOM, you can’t help thinking that Panzer Corps is no more complex and no less addictive. Millions of players are enjoying these games. They should be able to enjoy Panzer Corps too. But for younger players out there, moden graphics seems to be a prerequisite. So, we are going to make sure the game looks good enough for any player potentially interested in playing it.

Then, of course there is the gameplay. For me personally, this will always remain a top priority. When Panzer Corps originally came out, it was widely praised by the press and players alike, but some people felt that the game did not bring enough innovation to the table. This time, it is going to be different. Our promise to the fans of the series is that there won’t be lack of innovation in the sequel. We are not going to try and sell the same game with updated looks one more time. Panzer Corps has certainly got a lot of content. Total number of scenarios across all expansions and DLCs approaches a whopping 400. Many fans of the series still have not finished playing through all campaigns available. I think, in Panzer Corps 2 the players will expect a new experience, not just more content. And this is what we are going to deliver.

At the same time, Panzer Corps 2 will remain 100% true to traditions of the series. There will be no “dumbing down” of anything, promised. People who have been following my work since PG Forever days know that for me “traditions of the series” is no empty phrase. I always treated it with utmost respect, and Panzer Corps 2 will be no different. And even if I try to do something terribly wrong, I’m sure that our fantastic fan community will step in and help me to remain on the right course. I hope that seasoned Panzer Corps players will feel themsleves instantly at home with new game and get countless hours of enjoyment from it.

This is going to be an interesting journey. Everyone here at Flashback Games is very excited. A new story truly begins today.