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Panzer Corps 2 announced!

Panzer Corps 2 panel
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  • 26 campaigns
  • 383 scenarios
  • 1000 units
  • 1000s of hours playtime
  • 92%  rating on Steam
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Latest News

Panzer Corps 2017 Multiplayer Championship

A new official Panzer Corps tournament has been announced. It's going to be a huge event, with up to 96 players participating, and it will start on the 6th of June. Sign Up Now, [...]

Panzer Corps for Mac released

Panzer Corps is available now on Mac and specifically optimized for Retina displays! Buy directly from Slitherine's Store or Mac Store.

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Panzer Corps 2: A new story begins

Panzer Corps 2 has been officially announced by our publisher Slitherine. Woohoo! Our first experiments with Unreal Engine 4 technology started more than a year ago, and by now the project is at a fairly [...]

Our new logo

Today I'm going to tell about something not directly related to games, but very important for any company - the logo. Our trusty old logo has served us well for 5 years, representing our studio [...]


Hello All! Welcome to Flashback Games developer blog. Here I will post various interesting things related to our existing games, new projects we are working on, and maybe games and industry in general. I hope [...]

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